• Charles IV Prize

Charles IV Prize

Charles University, the renowned and historic institute of learning in Prague, and the City of Prague award the international Charles IV Prize to such international figures in the world of science, literature, and the arts, or other fields of human activity, whose work clearly expresses a global orientation and sense of responsibility for fate and future of humankind. The Prize has been awarded once every two years since 1993.

The traditions of Czech learning and the European significance of the city of Prague inspired the idea of establishing such a prize in the name of Charles IV, the medieval King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor who by his founding acts in 1348 raised his city of residence to a status worthy of the universal imperium and established there the first university in central Europe.

  • Paul Ricoeur (1993)

  • Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker (1995)

  • Mstislav Leopoldovič Rostropovič (1998)

  • Ivan Moravec (2000)

  • John Foxton Ross Kerr (2002)



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