Seminar About Life and Death of Charles IV

Thursday, 21 April 2016, 3:30 pm

Great Auditorium, Institute of Anatomy, U Nemocnice 3, Prague 2

A man that showed great ability to combine his political talents and courage to fight and who, at the same time, took into account spiritual values and importance of culture. He could appreciate and enjoy secular aspects of life, from wine to jousting tournaments. All that was Charles IV. At the seminar held on the occasion of his 700th birth anniversary, the most erudite experts will reveal fascinating testimony about the life and death of Charles IV; for instance, by viewing his personality in the light of the latest research, family heritage, his fatal injury, and the medical and anthropological interpretation of his skeleton remains. The seminar is organised by the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University.

Read more at: Please confi rm your intention to attend by contacting MgA. Zuzana Burianová | 224 964 620 |

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