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Happy Birthday, Charles IV – Open Air Festival on Charles Square

Saturday, 7 May 2016, 10 am — 9 pm

Charles Square, Prague 2

Help us throw a great birthday party! Bring your children, parents, grandparents, friends, the people you do and do not know, and perhaps even your pets to the park on Charles Square for an Open Air Festival with Charles IV! In the morning, the square will turn into a medieval town with fencers, jugglers, and musicians as well as a handicraft market where you will be able to try out all kinds of crafts. There will also be workshops for children to create masks for the historical procession which will go from Charles Square to the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin and Saint Charlemagne at Karlov in Prague. The afternoon programme will focus more on students and adults. Among others, Jaksi Taksi, Imodium, and Blue Effect music bands will perform. The event is organised in collaboration with the First Faculty of Charles University and the Prague 2 Municipal District which incorporated this event in their programme of the Festivities of the Father of the Country (Pater Patriae).

For more information please visit our website: http://www.praha2.cz/Slavnosti-Otce-vlasti.html

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